Sprint Conference
We’re hosting our first design sprint conference.
Google’s Conference for Sprint Leaders
Tuesday 11/28 & Wednesday 11/29 in San Francisco
A select group of leaders in the field of Design Thinking and innovation tools are invited to join us for an open discussion about Design Sprints and Design Thinking frameworks from across the industry to share knowledge and evolve the methodology

Learn to Plan and Facilitate Even Better Sprints

Learn new sprinting methods

Expert Sprint Masters from inside Google and out will share their most effective methods. Bring yours to share!

Gain resources for your practice

Hear Design Leaders share their success stories and learning opportunities. Gain inspiration and new mindsets.

Meet other people running sprints

This small format “UnConference” will create the opportunity for people to build real connections with passionate people doing similar work.

Event Details

Google - 345 Spear Street, 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA

November 28 Happy Hour 5pm-7pm