Design Sprint Kit

Crazy 8's Sharing and Voting

After everyone has finished the Crazy 8’s exercise, it’s time for each team member to share the ideas they have generated and discuss with the group. In order to not get bogged down, give each sprinter roughly 3 minutes to present. If they risk running long, let them know. Keep it moving.


After the entire team has presented their sketches, hold a round of voting. You’re not choosing the idea you’re moving forward with yet. Instead, you’re weeding out any sketches that aren’t feasible and/or won’t help the user.



Time: 3 minutes per person to present, 10 min to vote
Activity: Group

  1. Pin up each sprinter’s sketches on a wall or whiteboard one at a time so everyone can see them clearly.
  2. Each person has 3 minutes to talk through the ideas they generated and answer any questions other teammates may have.
  3. Give each team member 3 votes.
  4. The team will have 10 minutes to indicate the 3 most compelling ideas by voting on the specific sketches (not the entire paper).
  5. It is ok to vote for your own, it is also ok to put all 3 dots on one idea if you think that idea is truly the most valuable to pursue.