5 Simple Questions to Measure Value

How do we define the ROI of Sprinting for Product Development?

As Design Sprints have spread beyond the Google ecosystem and become more popular across a range of organizations, we need to do more than just showcase great case studies of game-changing products. Digging deeper into the ROI of the design sprint methodology will help Sprint Leaders, UXers, strategists, or product people to better demonstrate the impact of this approach. Our group explored what real world data could be realistically gathered to measure impact.

The Challenge

Why is it still hard to demonstrate the worldwide impact of design sprints?

Design sprints are still very new. Most of them are happening in contexts where confidentiality matters and there are very few public case studies or open data available. We need to find out how to collect data about the impact of design sprints and share them as a community.

Brainstorm of potential outcomes from a Sprint

The Approach

The Five Questions

We focused on how Design Sprint Facilitators worldwide could get qualitative (and shareable) feedback at the end of their sprints, in an easy way, from their participants and sponsors.

Map of what might be measured