Energy Diagnostic

What creates and sustains energy when collaborating remotely?

If you’ve ever spent the day on back-to-back video calls, you know all too well that feeling of being wrung out, glazed over, and, well, just plain exhausted. We looked at ways to identify the inevitable fatigue that comes with remote sprinting or workshops and created tools that can help a leader transform the energy of a group. And because no two sprints are alike, we’ve got solutions that can be part of your advanced planning, as well as in-the-moment quick fixes. Best of all, these exercises are ready for prime time—just drop them into your slide deck whenever you need them.

The Challenge

Help teams better manage virtual energy by creating tools for Facilitators and meeting planners.

Through the process of understanding how energy is created in a remote session, the team discovered that we gain energy from more human connection.

Decision tree flowchart to help diagnose opportunities for building energy

The Approach

We developed a diagnostic tool (flowchart decision tree) and set of ideas for activities to build more human connection, boosting (or resuscitate) a team's energy. They can be used in planning OR in the moment as a quick fix.

How it Works

This solution will help facilitators maintain (and salvage!) their team's energy, thus allowing them to create more productive, engaging and meaningful sessions. It will also help facilitators stay mindful and empathetic to their team's energy levels, as they'll be looking for warning signs and have rapid, in-the-moment bailouts to engage.

Example method that can be used to boost connection and energy