A Platform for the Future of Collaboration

Can we connect problem havers with problems solvers to tackle worldwide challenges?

As challenges on our planet and humanity become more systemic and their impact felt globally, we have an opportunity to connect a global community of design sprint practitioners, experts, and futurists to tackle these challenges, together from anywhere in the world.

The Challenge

Many systemic challenges are simply too big beyond any organization to tackle. What is often overlooked is a large global pool of creative problem solvers and technical experts who might be complementary to the challenges but not connected by cause or community.


Problem havers like NGOs, creative problem solvers like design sprint practitioners and subject matter experts.

How Might We:

  • Create a sense of belonging and common purpose that draws, bonds and sustains this community?
  • Measure efficacy of skills and abilities to problem solve?
  • Rate by competencies and non-traditional characteristics (growth mindset, diversity and inclusion, etc) to build trust and the right behavior in our community
  • Provide equality (be mindful of privilege) from different global perspectives?
  • Start with local problem framing and enable the solution to scale globally

The Approach

Create a platform where problem havers like NGOs can post their challenges and attract a global network of creative problem solvers and subject matter experts who can organize themselves around different causes, collaborating remotely from anywhere to tackle the challenges as one.

Enable the following:

  • Connect problems havers to problem solvers to funders and funds to support the cause
  • Assess, upskill and equip practitioners with mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to become better design sprint practitioners and facilitators
  • Enable the global design sprint community to collaborate effectively across constraints to tackle worldwide challenges