Building for Antifragility

How can we better adapt to an unpredictable future?

Disruptive "Black Swan" events are becoming increasingly common. In order to meet the challenges of an unpredictable future, our team looked for ways to build processes and products that are resilient to outsized shocks to the system. But beyond weathering these big events, we also want to design for adaptability and create processes that “learn” to make us stronger in the future, similar to the way a body's immune system works. By building antifragile products and systems, we believe we can create a more sustainable world, both in our business and in our culture.

The Challenge

To create a structure for understanding the current state of a product and team’s antifragile design processes that can be utilized by all product design practitioners (UX, PM, SWE, etc.).

Ideation Process

We brainstormed potential areas of antifragility, then affinitized and synthesized these into themes.

Themes for antifragility

The Approach

Make a formative concept charter to help apply antifragile product innovation at scale. Develop a "maturity assessment" that describes principles and metrics for doing antifragile design.

How to Apply

  • Step One: Begin by running a maturity self-assessment (alone or together)
  • Step Two: Complete the canvas together
  • Step Three: Reflect on the sample charter and create your own antifragile value system
  • Step Four: Follow up after the design intervention would include comparative data between the original maturity assessment to the latest.
Diagram to visualize the state of Antifragility