Expanding Methods Through Recipes & Remedies

What happens when our tried and true sprint methods aren’t getting the results we need?

When teams adopt sprinting as a regular way of working, it can be easy to fall into a rut or run into the limitations of basic methods. And it makes sense, while the methodology is effective and it’s easy to stick to the “script” and get good results. But to get the most out of every participant’s time and contribution, there are times when we need to create opportunities for people to collaborate in fresh, fun, and exciting ways. We looked at a wide range of resources—from Gamestorming to Luma to Liberating Structures—to come up with ways to unleash creativity and turbocharge collaboration.

The Challenge


How to keep design sprints fresh, as more people run sprints, more often.


Anyone who runs sprints and wants new and fun alternatives.


RECIPES: Alternative exercises that might replace standard methods, and REMEDIES: a few tips and tricks to help you do them well.

Example of how to map alternate methods

The Approach

The Taxonomy of a Sprint is a legend that can be used to identify potential new methods to be used. Remedies can be generated to any challenge that you are facing, here is one example.

This Mural board shows the brainstorm during the session