Improving Design Sprints with Data

How do we demystify data to help ground the innovation process?

It’s no secret that data rules all these days. And as we look to the future, products will become ever more data-driven. So how do we make sure our very human-powered sprint process keeps up with the demand for more complex contexts? We explored how to demystify data for both Sprint Leaders and participants, to enable better access to insights and new data sources within the context of the Sprint. Our hope is that this will unlock the potential of data to better meet the changing needs of the future.

The Challenge

One of the shortcomings of a Design Sprint is around the collection of information and research - we can only deal with what we share in the room. How Might We... tap into data and use insights gleaned to reach better outcomes in a more connected world?

Considering Data and Research throughout the Sprint by Pauline Thomas from LeLaptop

The Approach

Three Problem Spaces For Data

  1. How do you pre-select and prepare data before a Sprint?
  2. How do you present data so people can work with it?
  3. How do you deal with data that presents itself in the Sprint itself?


  • Demystify data
  • Make it physical
  • Prioritize & follow up